Relationships, they are such a mystery.

Happy couple forming heart by touching hands together

To solve it we seek advice of our friends and colleagues, look for inspiration from our grandparents, all the while asking questions like “Where do I go?” and “What do I wear?
Of course, although we want a solution to OUR problem, what we really end up asking is “Where does EVERYONE ELSE go?”

Despite all the well-meaning advice, we are not looking for collective experience. We don’t care that half the world does this or that in their quest to meet a perfect mate. We care about what works for us. Then why oh why do we still listen to advice designed for masses? Why not pay attention for a change to relationship advice designed just for us?
A custom-tailored advice!!!

Forget all the relationship advice you’ve ever come across.

Instead of following someone else’s advice, let the Relationship Chef  work  with you to come up with YOUR OWN unique Plan.
IMAGINE yourself knowing how to make roses out of every interaction! RECOGNIZE attraction, and FIND chemistry time and time again. Let the Relationship Chef  teach you the skills, and give you the wisdom and confidence to make the best decision regardless of your situation.

This is not a quick microwavable meal, ready in 30 seconds. This is carefully prepared, built from scratch, with quality ingredients. It’s the most amazing recipe for that perfect relationship you’ve been searching for all along. In other words, don’t expect an overnight miracle!

You need a spoon, bowl, and measuring cup before you can start preparing the recipe!  Your success depends on  four ingredients:

*Your willingness to hear and listen,  

*Your commitment,

*Your effort,

*Your willingness to persevere!  

With these qualities you will soon find yourself in the most amazing relationship!

What is the “Relationship Chef®” ?

“Relationship Chef” is custom-tailored advice for modern-day people who don’t know how to make relationships work.

This site is your test kitchen. It contains all the information you will ever need in order to find the most amazing relationship. If you use it properly, you’ll easily master any interaction, figure out what you seek, and find chemistry time and time again. This information is precious; it took me nearly twenty years to gather, test, and perfect it. I’m giving it away so you don’t struggle. I want you to have the best guidance available.

Some of the concepts here will clash with the traditional reasoning. However, if traditions worked, you wouldn’t still be seeking advice.

All of my knowledge is here. Everything I spend hours and hours teaching to a client. Only through study with guidance, and continuous training can you achieve lasting, tangible results. To be your best in anything you must practice.

Start with “The Recipe”, your step-by-step guide. Follow up with “FAQ/VIP”, which houses all the background. Stick to the steps in the order listed. If you skip ahead, you will only slow down your progress. Take your time and follow the steps carefully.
Some of the explanations may seem brief, but remember, It’s simpler than you think!

Don’t think for a second that by reading this site, or watching the videos you’ll become proficient. You don’t become a master chef by reading a cookbook book or a culinary artist by watching the food network. Just like anything that requires greatness, interpersonal communication skills take time and effort.