This is a relationship site, but, it’s not like anything you’ve ever come across.
This is not the site where I hold your hand and tell you “It’s OK, it’s not you, it’s them.” Most of the time, it IS you.
This is not the site where I tell you “Here are ALL the reasons why you’re single.” If I really could do that, I’d retire in a month. We, as human beings, are far too complex for such a simple analysis (especially when done without meeting you).

This site is only about one thing. The best information about relationships and human interactions.
And, I’m giving it away for free. Why? Several reasons:
a) I don’t like people struggling with misinformation. I’d rather you know the truth, than believe a lie.
b) I believe in free information. Everything you see on this site was free (or, nearly free) to find. It is the gathering of said info that was costly.
c) Information by itself is useless. Only through utilizing the best information, and, putting it into practice, can you ever hope to achieve any results.

It is all up to you.
Whether you read this and decide not to act on it, whether you try it out and forget after only a few attempts, or, if you decide to change your life, and, create that most amazing relationship through effort, dedication, and, information on this site.

So, let’s start at the beginning!


About Relationship Chef

I specialize in that unique aspect of male-female interaction known as "communication". Over the years I've grown from a shy, non-dating schnook, to a man able to create the most spectacular interactions and relationships not only in my life, but, in the lives of others. I've developed as a coach, I've taught many. And, despite what I've been able to accomplish, I'm still learning. Sit back, relax, read a little. Perhaps, there's something among these pages that will surprise you. -Al Relationship Chef.

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