It’s a funny thing… Certain muscles and facilities are so rarely used, yet we expect them to be readily available when we need them. Do they grow “stale” if we disuse or abuse them?
I remember how my eyes slowly became less and less acute the more I subjected them to rigors of reading books at night. My lower back muscles became virtually nonexistent as I spend my 30’s avoiding nearly all and every exercise. It was a long and difficult road back.

And what about our other facilities?


About Relationship Chef

I specialize in that unique aspect of male-female interaction known as "communication". Over the years I've grown from a shy, non-dating schnook, to a man able to create the most spectacular interactions and relationships not only in my life, but, in the lives of others. I've developed as a coach, I've taught many. And, despite what I've been able to accomplish, I'm still learning. Sit back, relax, read a little. Perhaps, there's something among these pages that will surprise you. -Al Relationship Chef.

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