Like all good dreams, it had a cinematic quality.
In my mind, it was a movie about unrequited love. They say dreams are the reflection of what we are thinking of. My dream started with the hero showing off on the beach. He’s a bit of an outsider, yet his proficiency in autocross (solo car racing) is evident. He triumphs over the beach-staged event. (Quite a feat to race your car on the sand!) Yet during the awards ceremony his love interest leaves, claiming that she has somewhere else to be.

Years pass, our protagonist has a wife, and even though life has moved on, he has not forgotten about his great love, when, lo and behold, she comes back with a husband in tow. On the way from the beach (hey, this is my movie!) she shares the ride with our hero, having completely forgotten what she used to be to him. Shocked at being shunned like that, our hero abandons everything, his life, his wife, and moves back to the beach and the surf.

Time passes, and the main characters are passed their middle age. There is a streak of grey in her hair, and his, once well-trimmed top is now a mane of wild white hair. His wife has left long ago after learning of his devotion to his love, and his days have been spent playing in the churning surf. By some account, his love, still with her husband, learns of what has happened to our hero.
She is surprised. She is confused. She always thought that that was only a fleeting crush. She was convinced that for him it would pass, just like it did for her. In almost surreal disbelief, she visits our hero on the beach and discovers that he’s been always in love with her, he’s been always devoted and committed to her.
And now, seeing the utter look of disbelief on her face, he draws no conclusion. He simply does one thing. He makes a decision to leave. He takes his surfboard and paddles into the big surf, never to be seen again…

A good movie doesn’t make conclusions. It allows you to draw them. As it is my movie, here’s my conclusion. It makes little sense to spend one’s life waiting. Sometimes, even though we don’t want to, it is time to move on, off the beach…


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