Just ran into an old buddy of mine. And, he tells me of his ex/FWB, who’s dealing with yet another bad and verbally/emotionally/physically abusive boyfriend.

Now, my buddy Mike is one of those rare genuine warm people, who, even though he looks and acts like he’s the biggest player, is the first to give you the shirt off his back. He’s honest, kind, truthful, and his word is his bond.

His ex is none of those things. Her boyfriends are deadbeats, whereas my buddy is successful, respectful, kind, and, a gentleman through and through.
However, here’s what’s interesting.

The g/f is always in and out of bad relationships, and, has never even a kind word to say about any of her exes, including my buddy. He, on the other hand, has nothing but the good things to say about her.
Which prompts me to wonder.

Does the like attract the like?

Does a good person only see the good attributes in another? Will a person who lacks the ability to communicate believe that everyone else is communication-deprived? Does a man/woman who’s never been able to have a great relationship think that there is not a single soul who can have a great relationship?


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