Myth #1: You must improve yourself before seeking a relationship.

We’re all different, and, who’s to say what’s an improved version of us?
Certain issues aside (violence and abuse), it is those little quirks that make us stand out. Why would you want to improve that little sideways smirk that is so adorable to others? Or, the obsession with cleanliness, that makes you so adorable?

Learn to enjoy yourself. It’s that simple.

Myth # 2: Men are from Mars, women are from Venus.

Really? As in, male species are entirely different from our female counterparts? Or, perhaps, avoid the obvious pun at the supposed physiological differences, we think differently? As in, men think in a way that’s entirely foreign to women? And, vice versa?
People lack the skills to communicate well. Simple as that.
The best example is the small number of women in motorsports. Is that because women aren’t as good at driving a car as men? Well, that has been proven wrong many times over. Is it because women don’t take risks? Well, that is not true either.

Is it simply because women aren’t as big an adrenaline junkies as most men. Again (yes, I love this phrase), it’s simple as that.

Myth #3: Somebody else knows why you’re single.

Is that so? Well, if they can tell (without ever meeting you!!!) why you’re single, perhaps, they can predict WHEN you will find the coolest partner you’ve never met. Funny enough, no “love guru” or “dating doctor” has ever implied that they’re akin to fortune tellers…

Myth #4: Information is costly.

Well, my dear friend, as you can clearly see from the example of this website, it isn’t. Most of the best info is right there for the taking. You just have to be quiet enough to hear it, and, not listen to public opinion.

Myth #5: My friends know dating.

You mean your friends that have bounced from one bad relationship to another? Your friends that are believe that there’s no such thing as true love, and, marriage is only a matter of convenience? That you search forever, and, in the end, you only find something just a little bit better than the rest of the bunch?

Well, allow me to dispel this one as well. I have created amazing relationships time and time again, and, have taught others how to do the same. Men, women, anyone who’s intelligent enough to understand that what they’ve done in the past has not worked, and, most likely, will never work.


About Relationship Chef

I specialize in that unique aspect of male-female interaction known as "communication". Over the years I've grown from a shy, non-dating schnook, to a man able to create the most spectacular interactions and relationships not only in my life, but, in the lives of others. I've developed as a coach, I've taught many. And, despite what I've been able to accomplish, I'm still learning. Sit back, relax, read a little. Perhaps, there's something among these pages that will surprise you. -Al Relationship Chef.

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