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I’m a teacher, a tinkerer, a creator.
I have created amazing relationships and bad breakups. I have learned from my mistakes and mistakes of others and have dedicated years to learning how to teach. It took me nearly 20 years to be able to say “Yes, I can, I do and I teach!” And now I’m eager to share my knowledge with YOU!

      It all started for me with a simple discovery. I was 25, a rather accomplished musician, a very good mathematician, athlete, programmer, and a complete dunce when it came to relationships. Every time I asked myself or anyone else “What is love?” the answers were either “I don’t know” or “You’ll know when you see it.” I simply could not understand that for all the knowledge in the world, for all its history, finding love was still akin to black magic. “We don’t know how it works, but we know it when we feel it.”
I simply couldn’t stand the fact that even though I was a pretty smart cookie, I just could not find an answer. So I started looking everywhere. Fortunately and unfortunately, one of the first real guides was a little book called “How To Get
Women You Desire Into Bed.” Since nothing else was available except the ancient babbling of the old ladies, I started off in that direction. I never once called myself a “pickup artist” and I don’t condone their behavior. Being a “pickup artist” was a dead end for me and so many others. But, sometimes you just have to travel in the opposite direction only to know exactly where to go.

     It took me many years  before I realized that the entire philosophy was built on an erroneous premise; “If you have the skills, money, looks, you will have the girl.” This kind of a strategy works only in a short term. Yes, women seek someone who answers their beliefs and desires, but simply fulfilling those emotions is not the long-term solution. Only truly knowing what you want in a relationship and being able to ask for it can lead to happiness. And any person who only builds upon initial attraction and interaction is like building a house without a proper foundation.

It’s not uncommon for a person to respond positively to a fascinating stimuli, but a pretty facade is only that, a facade without substance. Women respond to smooth talking, but no one has been truly happy in the long run with nothing more than empty words. True connections are like a three-legged table. There must be an intellectual, physical, and emotional connection. Without all three of those qualities the relationship will crumble.

The man is the head but a woman is the neck and the neck can turn the head anyway it wants to. It is the woman who is in charge of a relationship, and no amount of skills will ever change that.

Everywhere you look, people tell you what you want to hear. On TV and radio, in newspapers and online, everyone and anyone is eager to offer the same advice, yet no one has the answer as to “Why doesn’t anything change in my life?” I’ve spent the last 20 years developing the answer to that question. Five of those years I spent just learning how to teach. And I’m only getting started.

On this website I present my knowledge as an easy-to-follow system. It’s pretty simple for me to sit down for a couple of hours and explain to a student the “where”, the “how” and the “why.” Of course, in our society not everyone has hours of spare time. Take the information on this site. Use it. Share it. Ask me questions about all that I offer to you.  Because I believe in the  quality of the information and so do my clients.  I’m in it with you for the long run.

Al, the Relationship Chef.