“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Here is YOUR first step:

“It’s simpler than you think.”

As much as it is a clever saying, it holds one paramount truth. Our minds work in an interesting fashion. If the task at hand seems very difficult, it is almost immediately relegated to the “it’s impossible” category.

However, think for a second of when you were about to learn to drive a car. It seemed impossible, right? You did so many things wrong, the word “sorry” (to the driving instructor) became as natural as breathing. But now, you drive while texting, (you shouldn’t), listening to music, and (perhaps) yelling at other motorists. You multitask while performing something that not too long ago seemed nearly impossible.

Just because things appear difficult, challenging, or complicated, doesn’t mean that they’re impossible. And, it’s nearly a guarantee that when you reach the level of “master chef”, then you can accomplish those tasks without even thinking. Automatically, you will look back upon the beginning and wonder “Why on Earth did I ever think this was hard?”

The Relationship Chef© system is designed to do just that. To make a complicated recipe for success seem simple and easy. It is a collection of successive steps, each one fully dependent on successful completion of the previous one. These steps are broken down into three categories; BEFORE the interaction, DURING the interaction, and AFTER the interaction.

Here the term “interaction” refers to an interaction between (usually) two people in any of these situations: first meeting, dating, short-term relationship, long-term relationship (marriage). An interaction may occur between two people meeting for the first time, or a married couple who have been together for a while. In either case, Relationship Chef© Recipe is applicable in its entirety.

Relationship Chef© Recipe:

BEFORE the interaction — preparation stage
DURING the interaction  — discovery stage
AFTER the interaction   — analysis stage


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