Look at you! You are READY! All the little worries are behind you! You know what you’re looking for and you’re not afraid to ask for it! Bravo!
But now comes the second question that besets every dater “What do I say?” No worries, because this section will help you with that!

Now that you know what kind of a person you’re looking for, you don’t need anyone’s help meeting people. You won’t have to waste your time on someone who only might look attractive, but you will focus on someone who is close to your ideal of perfection (and not take somebody else’s word for it).

You KNOW what is attractive to you. You have written down all the physical, emotional, and professional attributes. You will take but a split second to recognize that person in a crowd.
But, how will you know if that man/woman live up to your standards in emotional and professional categories?
Simple! Just ask them!

Here you will embark on “Process of Discovery.” Through a casual conversation/interaction you will discover if that person in front of you really is the one you’re searching for, or if s/he only looks like one. And this section will help you do just that.

There are four steps in this stage.

  1. Recognize the interaction
  2. Focus!
  3. Take advantage of interaction
  4. Continue the interaction / Communication.