This is the preparation stage where you will be working on yourself. (Before we launch you off in a battle we need to make sure you’re properly equipped!)

You may have a challenging road ahead of you, but all the knowledge I have been acquiring since 1995 will be at your disposal, and I’ll be right there to guide you along. You will discover that it really is a lot easier than you think, or, at the very least, is pretty simple as I will explain in detail relationships and the predictability of human behavior. You will then work on clarifying EXACTLY what and whom you’re looking for (tall dark and handsome just won’t cut it), and learning where to meet that super rare animal, that super cool, “together” and amazing-looking person. In short, somebody with all the qualities and values that you hold so dearly for yourself, but have yet to express.

The military has a saying: “Proper Previous Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.” (The Law of 7 P’s). This stage is by far more important than any others, for without proper preparation, without the right understanding and skills, nothing can ever be accomplished.

Work on each and every step until they become a second nature. You don’t think about how to breathe or walk; you do those things automatically. So must the prep stage of Relationship Chef© system become a part of you. Only then can you be on your way towards finding that perfect chemistry.

There are three steps in this stage:

1. “It’s simpler than you think!” understanding
2. “Be ready!”                                — preparation
3. “Opportunities are everywhere!” — where to go